Sonya is a designer, business-women, social entrepreneur and sought after speaker. 

      She has successfully re-positioned from fashion girl, to broadcaster to social entrepreneur to successful (and unsuccessful!) business women. Her funny and gripping take on life is underpinned by a drive for everyday empowerment and inspiring stories of bursting through the boundaries of fear. 

       Sonya is a mother of teenage twins Evie and Finn and partner to Graphic Designer, David Smith and while she travels extensively, she proudly calls Dublin, Ireland her home.

Trust your intuition, be clear, be consistent and be so tenacious you scare yourself.

Sonya Lennon



Sonya is a passionate advocate for women’s equality in the workplace and a champion of the role of men in enacting positive change. Sonya is a member of the cross party parliamentary committee for gender equality in the workplace and thought leader in the area. She is currently guiding Irish companies through an early pay disclosure process in advance of mandatory reporting,


Dress for Success Dublin is an independent Irish charity which is licensed as part of an international organisation, active in 23 countries. Sonya brought to Ireland in 2011, and its mission is to support women to access job opportunities and develop sustainable careers. Dress for Success Dublin serves almost 1000 women per year towards a 57% success rate at interview (industry standard 18%).


       LIFT Ireland, which stands for ‘Leading Ireland’s Future Together’, was founded in 2017 by Sonya and siblings Joanne and David Hession. LIFT Ireland was built on a desire to change the country for the better by changing the way people view leadership. Leadership is not limited to a select few. 

       LIFT Ireland Is A Not-For-Profit Initiative Aimed At Increasing The Level Of Positive Leadership Capabilities In Ireland. LIFT does this through its eight-part, group learning programme. LIFT’s programme is being rolled out nationwide via a volunteer facilitator network with an overall goal of reaching 10% of the population within ten years. Since its launch, LIFT Ireland has built a network of over 400 trained facilitators, which continues to grow each day.


Sonya understands and benefits from the power of the network every day. Seven years ago, she was invited to join a closed professional network of female entrepreneurs, comprised of ten incredible women. Eight entrepreneurs and two intrapreneurs who meet four times a year to challenge, support and connect each other with a common goal of releasing each others full potential. Once more, trust and respect play a huge role in the value afforded by this group who have been cited in Forbes.


Sonya hosts the popular business podcast Architects of Business, sponsored by EY, ENtrepreneur of the Year. In each episode, she interviews award winning members of the alumni and drills down to see what made them the successes that they are. Sonya’s skill as a communicator allows the guests to share, not just their business but their human stories with honesty.

Sonya is a consummate communicator. When we created and produced our original formats Craftmaster Strictly Business for TV, she brought so much to the shows on and off-camera. She’s a warm and intuitive interviewer, can distil any subject to a memorable line and has a genuine interest in seeing people succeed.

Jane kelly ,

CEO , Big Mountain Productions

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