Sonya is a designer, business-women, social entrepreneur and sought after speaker. 

      She has successfully re-positioned from fashion girl, to broadcaster to social entrepreneur to successful (and unsuccessful!) business women. Her funny and gripping take on life is underpinned by a drive for everyday empowerment and inspiring stories of bursting through the boundaries of fear. 

       Sonya is a mother of teenage twins Evie and Finn and partner to Graphic Designer, David Smith and while she travels extensively, she proudly calls Dublin, Ireland her home.

Trust your intuition, be clear, be consistent and be so tenacious you scare yourself.

Sonya Lennon







Sonya is a consummate communicator. When we created and produced our original formats Craftmaster Strictly Business for TV, she brought so much to the shows on and off-camera. She’s a warm and intuitive interviewer, can distil any subject to a memorable line and has a genuine interest in seeing people succeed.

Jane kelly ,

CEO , Big Mountain Productions


'Anybody who says they have it cracked is lying in some way' - Sonya Lennon on fashion, family and turning 50

'I had this crazy notion that I wanted to be a fashion designer'

Inside the Jewellery Box: Sonya Lennon

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Lennon Courtney launches London Fashion Week Showcase

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Sonya Lennon: Sex Ed, Emotional Resilience, LC Holidays

'Dressing for a job interview isn't about showmanship - it's about getting the basics right'

'This is the time of year when women effectively start working for free. That needs to change'

Sonya Lennon: It's Strictly Business for the fashion designer she tells Donal O'Donoghue

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